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Why The Enemy of the Business Needs to Go Away Forever

Dec 13, 2022

What is the greatest enemy that stands in your way as you want to start and or grow your business? 


Well, today we're gonna talk about that. We're gonna dive into this and we're going to unpack that. . So before we get started, 

My name is Caleb Becker with here to talk about business and life and the tools that are needed to accomplish the tasks that are in front of us and reaching towards the success that we all so much want.

So the question that I ask you today is, what is the greatest enemy? What stands in your way? What's the roadblocks that come and keep looking at you in the face as you are trying to accomplish your goals? Is it your competition? Is it the markets? Is it policies? Is it inflation? What kind of enemy is standing in your way?

What's causing us to hit a roadblock to keep you from moving up to that next level that you know you can, you know, you should be in. Well, I don't think the enemy is actually outside of yourself. I think the greatest enemy we have right inside of here. , and I'll just name them out just a little bit and maybe you can resonate with this, but this is true for myself and I know it's gotta be true for others as well.

One in the enemies that I wanna call out is fear. Simply stated fear. Fear is that. Part of us that we see and we sense and we know and we believe even if it's false and. It stands right in our way. It keeps us from doing the things that we know we should do. Another one is motivation.

How many times have, I been in the shower thinking of something really cool for the next day to get out the next day and start working on that to all of a sudden hit a roadblock because of who knows what.  because my connection was down, or because I had other tasks to do or whatever it was.

And when I came back to the thing that I was so inspired with, motivation's gone. So lack of motivation to me would be another enemy that I face and the third enemy is distractions.

Can you relate to that? Distractions.

Distractions come in so many ways. How many times have I been trying to achieve something, set up something, work on a sales page, work on an offer, work on a product, try to do some research, try to understand the market better, and that I get distract? 

Distractions come in so many ways that it stop us right in our tracks.

If a, if a person, if we as entrepreneurs can understand the enemy that we face, we can label them, we can acknowledge them, and we can realize it really is what's keeping us from getting where we know we need to go. So to just name them again, it's fierce lack of motivation and distraction.

If we. As entrepreneurs, you can understand when these are actually plaguing us, let's get to work and acknowledge when it came in, how it came in, and how we can overcome it from coming again and hindering us from moving forward. I don't think this is an enemy that we can actually conquer for good. I think it's one of that kind of enemies that kind of.

Nagging on as soon as you let your guard down, soon as you, you kind of, kind of get lax in your business and, and your and your dreams, that's when these enemies start creeping in and they're gonna be a constant battle. 

But it's so worth it to overcome it if we can just be honest with ourselves……

and say, yep, I allowed me to get distracted today and it hindered me from doing X, Y, and z.

And tomorrow, I'm not going to let that happen again tomorrow. I'm gonna set up a boundary for myself when that distraction starts to come, whatever it might be. We can name 'em right now, but I don't think we need to, you know, for yourself what your distractions are. I know for myself what my distractions are.

If we can just be able to name them out, understand where it is, so that we know how to overcome them. So that's it my friends. That's all I have to say today. Business I believe, is a journey. It's something that we're all learning how to get better at, and I just want to wish you the best in your day as you grow your business and serve your customers.

So that's it. Have a good day. For now. 

Have a great day!

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