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Are you too old to start a business?

Dec 16, 2022

Too Old to start a business?  When should you change careers, look for new opportunities, and get out there and try something new? 

Today we're gonna talk about that and we're gonna talk about the opportunities. Some of the fears and also some call to action of what you can get started with today. 


So let me ask you this question. 

  • Are you thinking of a career change? 
  • Are you thinking of shifting your work of where you currently are? , 
  • do you have dreams of pursuing something else? 
  • what's holding you back and why haven't you changed and why haven't you looked into the new opportunities or, and if so, have you looked into the new opportunities?


Let's talk about opportunities for right now and let's just unpack that


So where has your career been up until this point? Have you worked for others? Have you been an employee? Have you been a partner? Have you put in the time and strictly, I guess in, in most cases, um, have you been able to do what has been asked of you and you've done what was expected? That's. , good for you.


If you have been and if you've struggled in this area, I totally get that too. I understand that. 


So what are you thinking is next? 

What's out there? 

Do you wanna work for somebody else? 

Do you wanna look for work into a different industry? 

Or do you have a hidden dream inside of you that you're wanting to explore?


  • Maybe it's a hidden dream of something that you really care about. Something that you can nurture and grow into something beautiful.
  • Maybe you have a dream to help others in a small way or in a big way. 
  • Maybe you have a dream into making change into the areas of life that you care about and to the people that you care about.
  • Maybe you have a dream to build something, your own business and leave a legacy.
  • Maybe you wanna pass on the movement that you started onto your children so they can carry it forward.


These are all great and the opportunity is here right now. 


If you've ever thought about starting your own business and it's scary to think about it, I totally get it. I totally understand.


I can tell you there has never been a better time than right now to start your own business. 


  • You can get started with very little startup costs. 
  • There is cost involved, yes, but it's very little startup costs from what it was years. 
  • Now has never been a better time to get yourself online and to get in front of people to share.


The opportunity is here now, and it's here For those who are willing to put themselves out there. 


“The opportunity is so amazing” 


Right now you can start from nothing to something. 


In a short amount of time. 


Beware, there is a lot of false ideas out there of people saying that you can make lots of money with very little effort, and that is totally not true.


The opportunity is there, but you have to put in the work consistently. But it's worth it.


Take the time to show up.


Don’t stop


It's very important to stay consistent.


What's holding you back? What stands in the way? What is keeping you from building that business that you've been dreaming about for so many years? 


Let’s unpack this a little bit here and just see, if this will resonate for you and what you face.


Number one, you don't know where to start. That's a common one. 


Where do I  start? How do you start? But where do you start? 


“I am too old. I should have done this years ago”


You're not too old. 


You can start right now. 


Believe me, there's never been a better time than being able to start right. 


In a short amount of time, your idea can get in front of so many people, it'll take off. Believe me.


Here’s an example, Colonel Sanders was in his sixties when he started kfc, Kentucky Fried Chicken. 


Is that too old to start? No. To me, that's not too old to start. That's awesome. Look what kind of a legacy he left.


Now is a perfect time to start. 


Whenever you have the idea and you have the motivation and the inspiration, it's time to get started and it's time to start working on it. 

Another fear that holds us back is vulnerability.

Maybe you have an idea in your mind or a dream and you want to turn it into a business, but as soon as you start sharing it with others, it makes you feel vulnerable and people might laugh at it.

People might think you're crazy. 

People might challenge you. 

It will expose you of how you really think.

That vulnerability is enough to squelch your idea, would it not? 

Can you relate to that? 

There's a lot of people who can relate to that and there are a lot of people who have stopped or haven't started because of that and it's a real fear. 

it's one of those fears that you're gonna have to overcome to be able to get your dream to turn into a business

So just I'm gonna recap on those fears again. 

  • That's not knowing where to start 
  • Feeling like you're too old and 
  • If you were to get this idea out to the world, it would make you vulnerable. And vulnerability is scary,

And when you get the fears out of the way, then it unleashes this inner part of you that is unstoppable,  that is ready to bring your idea out in front of others, believing in yourself.

Now we're gonna talk about a call to action, what you should do to get started.

Number One Get This Free Guide. 

It's a free business guide that you can download. 

I've laid out in this guide some of the most important parts of starting a business or running a business that a lot of people tend to overlook. 

I laid out the most important steps that will help you stay focused. And also in this guide, I've included the false ideas that are not true.


This guide will be able to give you a plan and it will be able to, show you what is working in the market today.


Make sure that you download this guide so you can have it.


So let me just go ahead and recap again today of this career shift that you might be looking into


  • Look into the opportunities are that are around you. Consider them and realize that we've never been in a better time in our lives to start our own businesses.
  • Number two, overcoming the fears that are standing in your way. They're real. Acknowledge them and start working on them not knowing where to start. 
  • Feeling like you're too old and getting your idea out there makes you vulnerable. Okay? And 
  • The third thing is to download the free guide. Have it with you, reference it, and mark on it.use it as  your map so that you can stay focused.


Get your business up and running, Get it started, Making your business profitable. 


That's it for now. I do wish you all the best in your journey.

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