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Start a Side Hustle: A Shortcut to Success or a Distraction?

Jun 05, 2023

In today's fast-paced world, many people are seeking additional income streams to alleviate financial concerns and improve their lifestyles. One popular option is starting a side hustle.

A side hustle can be a great opportunity to earn extra money and explore new avenues, but is it really the shortcut to solving all your money problems?

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of side hustles and why it's essential to approach them with caution. 

Let's delve into this topic and understand how to make your business successful without losing focus or falling into the trap of endless side hustles.

The article discusses the pros and cons of side hustles, highlighting the importance of caution and focus. It emphasizes the need to approach side hustles as part of a larger business strategy rather than a shortcut to success. The article also provides insights into the four pillars of business success and encourages readers to embrace consistency to achieve their goals.


  • The Appeal of Side Hustles
      • The promise of additional income
      • The flexibility to work on your own terms
      • The potential to generate passive income
  • The Pitfalls of Side Hustles
      • Time and focus requirements
      • The danger of distraction from your main business
      • The risk of losing sight of your goals
  • The Side Hustle as a Shortcut
      • The temptation of quick fixes
      • The reality of time-consuming endeavors
      • The potential for conflicting priorities
  • The Four Pillars of Business Success
      • Identifying a problem
      • Solving the problem
      • Getting paid for the solution
      • Refining and repeating the process
  • Embracing Boring Work for Success
    • Overcoming the allure of new opportunities
    • Understanding the importance of consistency
    • Staying committed to the business goals

The Appeal of Side Hustles

Does this sound familiar? “If you want all of your money problems to go away, then all you need to do is pick a side hustle—a side hustle that works for you, maybe even while you're sleeping. 

And while you're at it, maybe you should also pick up another one or two or three or four other side hustles that you can just tack on to your day. 

They can also be generating income for you so that you'll never have to worry about money problems again.” 

But is that really true? Will having multiple side hustles solve all your problems and help you achieve your goals?

All right. So you might be wondering why I'm against a side hustle. I mean, with the introduction like that, you're probably thinking I have something against the idea.. 

Well, I don't have anything against the side hustle, and I love the concept. 

I do think there's a time and place for a side hustle, and I do think it is something that we, as entrepreneurs, should look into and see if there are other opportunities. 

However, I'm against it when we look at it as a shortcut to solving our current money problems.

When you're building your business and giving it everything you've got, it takes a lot of time, focus, and concentration. 

The Pitfalls of Side Hustles

What a side hustle does is it brings in a distraction, and that distraction is deadly to your success. 

A side hustle may seem like a quick fix, but it can end up taking more time and energy than you anticipated. 

It can divert your focus from your main business and leave you feeling overwhelmed and lost.

Building a side hustle takes time, just like building any other business. 

The Side Hustle as a Shortcut

It's not a shortcut; it's an additional endeavor that requires effort and dedication. 

Many times, we see success stories of people who have found quick ways to make money, but those opportunities may not work for everyone. 

By the time you hear about them, it's often too late or not suitable for your circumstances. 

Chasing after these shiny objects can lead you down a long and arduous road, with numerous distractions and detours.

The Four Pillars of Business Success

To make your business successful, it's crucial to focus on four key components: 

  • Identifying a problem, 
  • Solving that problem, 
  • Getting paid to solve it
  • Refining and repeating the process. 

These are the pillars of business success. By practicing and perfecting this process, you'll see your business flourish.

Embracing Boring Work for Success

Entrepreneurs often mention that success and money come from doing the boring work. 

It's hard for us to accept that reality because we crave excitement and new opportunities. 

But the truth is, success lies in consistency and perseverance. Instead of constantly seeking new side hustles, embrace the idea of solving one problem and refining your business process. 

It may seem less glamorous, but it will lead to sustainable success.


While side hustles can offer enticing opportunities for additional income, it's crucial to approach them with caution and maintain focus on your primary business. 

Treating a side hustle as a shortcut to success may lead to distractions, conflicting priorities, and a lack of progress in your main endeavor. 

To truly achieve success, it is essential to embrace the four pillars of business success—identifying a problem, solving it, getting paid for the solution, and refining and repeating the process. 

By staying committed and avoiding unnecessary diversions, you can build a successful business that brings you long-term financial stability. 

So, resist the allure of quick fixes, embrace consistency, and stay on track to reach your goals.


Caleb Becker

Business Coaching 

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