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Sell More WITHOUT Being Salesy By Doing This Crucial Thing

Jul 17, 2023
How to sell to a stranger, How gain a lifetime customer

Selling to complete strangers is learned art. You want to avoid being perceived as a sleazy salesperson who is only after commissions. 

So, how can you sell more of your products or services in an ethical and effective way? 

You can Sell more when you use the strategy of the “Follow-Up” framework. A proven method of selling to a stranger and turning them into a lifelong customer.

How does this work?

Let me take you back to a memorable day when I stepped onto the car dealership lot with my family. 

We were merely browsing, curious about the options available. 

As we took a few steps forward, a salesperson magically appeared by our side, brimming with enthusiasm to showcase the "latest and greatest" cars. 

However, amidst their charming sales pitch, a nagging doubt crept into my mind. Were they sincerely interested in assisting us, or was their sole focus on meeting their sales targets? 

Regrettably, it seemed like the latter. This encounter left me with an uneasy feeling, making me question whether I would ever return to that dealership or make a purchase there.


So is our only option to sell our products and services is the sleazy salesman way only focusing on making commissions? 

No, there’s a better way—a way that involves building trust and establishing a genuine relationship with potential customers.

Let’s Talk About The Follow-up Framework

The Follow-Up Framework: 

The Follow-Up Framework consists of two key components: 

Acquisition and Relationship. 

Let's break down the framework into four stages: stranger, lead, customer, and lifetime customer.

The Stranger Stage: 

When encountering a stranger, whether in person or online, shift your focus to acquisition rather than an immediate sale. Instead of trying to make a quick buck, aim to acquire their contact information. 

This could be through business cards or lead magnets, where you offer something valuable in exchange for their phone number and email address. 

Remember, the goal here is to establish permission to contact them and begin building a relationship.

The Lead Stage: 

Once you have acquired their contact information, it's time to focus on the relationship. 

Provide value to the lead by offering relevant and helpful content. 

Show genuine care for their needs and wants, becoming a trusted source of information. 

Avoid the pushy sales approach and prioritize building trust.

Transitioning to Warm Lead: 

As the relationship strengthens, the lead becomes a warm lead. They begin to see you as an expert and someone they can trust. 

This is the stage where you continue delivering value and nurturing the relationship. 

They welcome your emails, texts, or calls because they recognize you as a reliable guide in your field.

Acquisition and Becoming a Customer: 

Now it's time to circle back to the acquisition phase with the warm lead. 

Offer a product or service that aligns with their needs and provides value. When the warm lead becomes a customer, it's a significant achievement. Celebrate this milestone, but remember that the sales process doesn't end here.

Turning Customers into Lifetime Customers: 

Becoming a customer is just the beginning. Your goal is to turn customers into lifetime customers. 

Focus on building a strong relationship and offering products or services that continue to bring value to their lives. 

Interact with them on a personal level, addressing them by their first name and providing tailored recommendations. 

By consistently meeting their needs and fostering trust, you can create customers who will stay with you for the long haul.

To sum it all up

Selling more isn't about employing secret tricks or being a sleazy salesperson. 

It's about building trust, establishing relationships, and delivering value to your customers. 

The Follow-Up Framework provides a clear strategy to guide your sales process and create lasting connections with your audience. 

Remember, treat your customers as individuals, engage with them authentically, and provide solutions that genuinely help them. 

By implementing this framework, you'll not only sell more but also create a positive and enjoyable sales experience for both you and your customers.

So, take a moment to evaluate your current sales process and consider incorporating the Follow-Up Framework. 

With a customer-centric approach, you'll see remarkable results. 

Best of luck on your journey to selling more and building lasting customer relationships.

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