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IS BLOGGING DEAD? How to use blogs for your business

Dec 22, 2022


Is Blogging Dead and will it work for your business?  How to use the blog strategy for your business and get the most out of blogging and make it work for you.  

So what strategies can you use in your business and have you considered using blogs or are you using blogs for your business?


 There are lots of people who think blogs are dead. 


I've found out that blogs are not dead.


 One way you can see for yourself, you just go to the Google search bar and type in anything you wanna type in and what shows up first. Most of the time it's going to be a blog. 


So it tells you that blogs are still relevant.


People still like reading blogs.


So what makes a blog work? 

  • The SEO 
  • keywords 
  • Your strategy 


That's the only way Google is going to know how to recommend your blog and rank it so that others will see it. 


You have to understand what keywords you are optimizing for. 


So it takes research, but that's the only way that you're gonna be able to get your blog to get seen, and it's worth the time to look into the keywords that you are trying to write for.


Google wants to have a superior user experience, 


User that's typing in the search bar, Google wants to give that person the best experience possible using their platform.


Which is a great strategy for them. It's a great strategy for us, and what Google really likes is they like to have content that people love that answered their questions, that gave them something that they were looking for. 


And Google will reward content that does that. They have algorithms that can make them understand which content is getting, getting the right amount of traffic, and is giving the best results.


So they'll reward content that does that. So that's, that's a big indicator to bloggers to make it really good to be the best possible blog on that subject for that topic that you can possibly write. 


It gives you that freedom to be able to do that, and you'll be rewarded for years to come of traffic coming into your website or to your funnels or to see your things or to be able.


to produce income for you for years to come when you can get some really good content out there. So the keyword strategy, the SEO, is what it takes to get found. But once you've got that figured out.


But once you get that figured out, then you're left to your own creativity. 


Your own creativity that you feel is going to be so powerful to your audience and you can just get the freedom to just write whatever you wanna write, explain the topic, how the best way you have that, the best way, you know, give the reader something to go on.


 So to get your blog to be found, no, to win at this game in the long run, don't cut corners on quality, Google will reward you.


Now let's talk about the strategy 


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