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How To Get Traffic With Blogs

Feb 11, 2023

Build Your Business

How do you bring in new people into your brand so that you can speak to them?  How can you use blogs to be able to get people into your system?

Today I'm going talk about using blogs as a way to generate leads and the mindset behind the blog and why a blog is important to use.

My wife Cheryl runs a brand called and I wanted to share with you how she focuses on creating blog content to drive leads and grow her business. 

In this article, I will use the example of her business and will look at how she incorporates blog content into her business strategy and how you can do the same for your own business.

Her Business is structured to where she sends out weekly blog content to her email list and these blog posts play a crucial role in the income of her business.

Her ecosystem consists of her blog, her product offers, and announcements.

The lifeblood!

By consistently creating weekly content, she has been able to understand the needs of her audience and offer products that cater to those needs.

To get people from Google, 

who form a large audience, into her ecosystem, she uses SEO-optimized blogs. 

She realizes that the only way to get new people into her weekly content is through her SEO-optimized blogs and the only way to get people into these blogs is the gatekeeper Google's algorithm. 

To do this, She focuses on keywords that people are searching for, even though they might not be the topics she is passionate about.

Once people are inside her ecosystem, she offers free resources and opportunities for them to take the next step and fully integrate into her weekly blog content. 

At this point, she is no longer concerned with SEO and can write about whatever she wants to write, what she's passionate about, and see it because now they are on her email list

In conclusion, you can make create this same success fur your business

Incorporating blog content into your business strategy can help you bring in new leads and grow your business. 

By following Google's algorithm, using keywords, and offering valuable resources to your audience, you can attract new people to your ecosystem and grow your brand.


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