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How To Have A Successful Product Launch Using Email

Jul 31, 2023

Unlock the Power of Email: How I Can Consistently Sell Products Using A Simple 5-Step Email Strategy

In this article, I will share with you how I've been able to successfully sell products solely through email without ever making a single phone call. 


It's been an exciting journey, and I've used a simple five-step strategy that has worked wonders for my business and the clients I've helped along the way.

In my business, I primarily deal with digital products like courses, memberships, subscriptions, eBooks, and workshops. 

The five-step email launch strategy is a framework that I’ve coined.  However, some of the concepts I use was first learned by reading Jeff Walker’s Book “Launch”

It’s a good book and I recommend picking up a copy.

When I first used my five-step email launch strategy, I didn’t realize that it has potential in physical products, even though I haven’t been able to try this on physical products yet, I think it would be amazing to try it someday.

The beauty of this Five-Step Strategy is that it can be adapted to various businesses as long as you have an email list and a product to offer.

So, let me break down the five steps that have transformed my sales game and allowed me to achieve incredible results.

Step 1: The Right Product Fit

The first and most critical step is to find the perfect product fit for my audience. 

I've learned that it has to genuinely solve their problems and align well with their preferences and budget. To make this decision, I dive deep into market research to ensure I'm offering something valuable and relevant.

Step 2: Creating Hype and Excitement

Building anticipation ahead of the launch is key. I've been consistent in providing value to my audience through weekly content, and I drop subtle hints about something exciting coming up. 

It's like giving them a sneak peek into what's in store for them, and think the curiosity build-up is crucial to the success!

Step 3: The Thrilling Three-Day Launch

Here's where the real magic happens. I divide the launch into three days, targeting different types of buyers. 

  • Emotional Buyer
  • Logical Buyer
  • FOMO Buyer

Day one is all about the emotional buyers, 

These are the buyer who already trust and admire my work. 

I make a grand announcement with the benefits of the product and an irresistible call-to-action.

Day two is for the logical buyers, 

These are the buyers that need more information and reassurance before making a purchase. 

I present all the details, answer their questions, and make sure they have everything they need to feel confident about their decision.

Day three is for the FOMO buyers, 

These are the buyers who fear of missing out on a fantastic opportunity. 

I create urgency, reminding them that the offer is closing soon, and they need to act fast. 

This sense of scarcity triggers a strong desire to grab the deal before it's too late.

Step 4: Honesty and True Scarcity

Integrity is crucial to me, and that's why I make sure to keep my promises. 

When I say the offer will close at midnight, it closes at midnight, no exceptions. 

There is no better way to do this unless I Creat true scarcity that will build trust and respect with my audience, which ultimately leads to more loyal customers.


If I have to purchase additional software like Deadline Funnels so I can actually close my offer then I believe it’s worth it.

Step 5: The Power of Follow-Up

The follow-up phase is where I get to serve my customers with appreciation and support. 

I start with a heartfelt thank-you email, along with clear product delivery instructions. 

Then, I go above and beyond by providing extra value and unexpected bonuses, giving them a delightful surprise.

About 12 days later, I reach out for feedback. Hearing about their experience and getting testimonials from satisfied customers not only boosts my credibility but also helps me improve my products and services.

My goal is to have the world's best customer service.  Because I know it will pay off in the long run.

So, there you have it - my personal journey of how I've sold products using only email with this five-step 3-day launch strategy.

It's been a rollercoaster of excitement, learning, and growth, and I can't wait to see where it takes me next. If you're considering selling through emails then I encourage you to give this a try. I'm sure you'll get fantastic results!


Until next time,

Caleb Becker

Business Coaching 

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